The ThreadWritten Credo in Four Parts - No. 1

In a time when our government is creating policies to exclude people, it's more important than ever to remember our personal values, strength within, and what connects us. One of the greatest joys in my life is traveling, meeting people of other cultures, learning about their textile traditions, and sharing that with you.  Over the next few weeks I'll write four posts on ThreadWritten's basic tenets.  Each one invites you to take action with a positive thought, by looking at your environment differently or starting a conversation.

Image: Hand-stitched wool coat with glass buttons, Transylvania, Romania, 2015.

Image: Hand-stitched wool coat with glass buttons, Transylvania, Romania, 2015.

Open up a little space for curiosity! Do you feel a connection with your heritage? Do you or your family have heirloom textiles or art work from previous generations?  Is there a particular culture you feel drawn toward for its arts, culture, or cuisine?  Architecture or landscape?  Rituals or traditions?  Patterns, materials, decor?  And of course, embroidery, weavings, fabric, folk costumes, or fashion? 

Or choose a culture that challenges you!  What beauty can you pull from a difficult situation?  Of what issues were you unaware?

Do some research.  What makes you feel good?  Make that a part of your life!  It can be as simple as putting a magazine photo on the fridge or choosing a beautiful image for your desktop background, hanging your great grandmother's hand-knit shawl on the wall, or reading a book by an author from a country you've always wanted to visit.  I often somehow forget that I love flamenco music and dance, even though I took dance classes for a couple years. When I remember and play Paco de Lucia's Rosa Maria I can't help joining the compas and dancing a bit in the kitchen or wherever.  I clapped along just now with a big smile on my face as I found the link on youtube.  So great! 

When I connect with something outside of my culture or daily routine, life gets broader and richer and I feel a part of something greater.  Find one thing this week from your heritage or another that boosts your energy and helps you feel supported!

Sarah Pedlow