Sewing Lesson

Today, as I'm dropping off the materials for the first sample bags (!), I give you a lesson in stitching írásos.  The style is made using the square chain stitch in small and large widths. Included in the chart below is a drawing of how the stitches look on the backside; they are incredibly neat!  The reverse is often just as interesting as the front from a more abstract point of view.  Maybe I'll create a silkscreened tee or a line of paper products based on the underside of the stitching....

When I visited the Kalotaszeg area in June last year, Kudor Maria was working on a piece that a woman had brought to her requesting she finish it.  Her mother had recently died and so the daughter wanted someone to complete it, as she didn't have the skill to do so herself.  My video below shows Maria at work.  (She happened to be wearing that dress with that great pattern on it!)

 Chart from the  Hungarian Folklore Museum , Passaic, NJ.

Chart from the Hungarian Folklore Museum, Passaic, NJ.